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Every RVer knows there are items to bring with you travel: food, clothing, and spare travel supplies. But for those who are planning for long-term trips, or beginning to change to full time RV living, there are several items that you should plan to have in your unit. Below are just a few to keep in mind.

  • On and off shower head. This item helps to save water when taking showers. Hot water tanks, at most, have a 10 gallon capacity. With this taking time to reheat before others can use the shower, the on-off switch saves water when you use them.
  • Pressure regulator for your water hose. With different resorts having different pressures (typically a newer resort will have stronger pressure), this item will help you to control the RV-water hose, pump or internal lines without worry.
  • Sewer hose extensions. The plumbing of an RV tends to be a common problem. The placement of the drainage hole is never in the same area at any resort. Purchasing a hose extension helps with this so that when the drain hole is in a further spot, it will not be hard to reach. It will also make using the dump station much easier.
  • Electrical Adapters. Nowadays RVs are beginning to be built with 100 amp power, however many campgrounds do not yet have the ability to equip this. While the electrical adapters will cut down on how much power is being used in the RV, it will save you from blowing fuses on your site.
  • Tool Kits and spare tires. No travel should be done without a tool kit just in case any kind of problem happens.
  • Water filter. There are areas that are known for having either too much chemically treated water, or rural areas where the water still has natural sediments. Though filtering the water does not have to be done while doing dishes or taking showers, filtering the water before you drink can be healthier for you.

Many of these items can be found at local stores such as Wal-Mart. If you are looking for a higher quality, deluxe version, check out places such as Camping World that will have items that are specific towards your RV.


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