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Do you have millions of dollars burning a hole in your wallet? Have any interest in spending an extravagant amount of money on an incredibly expensive piece of property? What if I told you this piece of property was one the most expensive RVs on the market? With extravagant designs, materials, and price tags, these RVs are made for campers on a very, very big budget. While 99% of the country could not afford one of these, it’s fun to dream about it, right?

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Coming in at a mere $3 million dollars, Marchi Mobile’s eleMMent series is truly extravagant, both in design and implementation. There are three different versions, depending on your specific needs. If your need is absurdly luxurious camping, then the right model for you would be the eleMMent Palazzo, a veritable mansion on wheels. The Palazzo has two floors, containing a kitchen, master bedroom/bathroom, and with a touch of a button, a couch that can be turned into bar furniture. Everything is controlled by a touch screen control panel. All eleMMents come equipped with a unique oval windshield, which actually makes the vehicle 20% more efficient in fuel consumption due to the aerodynamic properties that the oval creates. However, the 530 horsepower turbo charged diesel engine makes up for all that fuel saved!

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive but a little more sparkly, you could purchase the $2.5 million Vantare Platinum Plus, which comes with the option of decking out your RV in Swarovski crystals. Complete with marble steps, customized ceiling sculptures, leather sofas and chairs and more. You can also store a sports car underneath the RV!

For those seeking a more rough and tumble RV while still staying in the lap of luxury, you could spend $500,000 on the Unicat Amerigo series. From the outside it looks like something the military drives around, but when you look on the inside it looks like a beautiful house you’d invite your friends to for dinner parties. Containing a full kitchen, bedroom, and anything else you would want in an RV, the best part about the Unicat Amerigo is that you can take your RV off roading! You can drive out to remote places no one else would go camping in your Amerigo.


Picture courtesy of Marchi Mobile

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