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It’s that time of year again. Spring is ending, the weather is warming up, and Memorial Day is just around the corner getting ready to kick-off the camping season. With the school year ending for children, and grandchildren, family vacations are starting to get planned. There are many different things that children can enjoy while camping, and that you can enjoy as well.

  1. Have the children become familiar with the outdoors prior to your camping trip. Some who have never gone camping before may not know what to expect.
  2. Camp chores, surprisingly, can be fun for kids. It turns out that many do enjoy collecting firewood, filling water containers, hammering in tent stakes, cooking over the camp fire and more. When they are being helpful at the campsite, they will enjoy it. Also, try to make the camp chores extra fun – have contests for gathering the most wood, who makes the most creative meal, and other games you can think of.
  3. Look for local natural activities: boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, and bird watching. See if there are any Nature Centers or other museums close by.
  4. Go out at night and watch the stars. Take a book with you to see what constellations you may be able to find.
  5. Scavenger hunts are always a fun game for kids. Find items around your campsite, or on park, and take the children on a walk to see what can be found. Small things, such as flowers or plants, as well as animals, are always good ideas to put on the list.
  6. In case of bad weather, plan ahead and bring arts and crafts for the indoors. Board games, cards, and other things are good to have handy. Also, gathering items from the outdoors to make crafts.

Whether you are travelling by yourself, or with children, having activities planned is always the perfect way to share memories. What are activities that you and your family enjoy while on vacations?

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